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Properties of the Large Transformers Program
for Design of Distribution & Power Transformers

Languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Units Metric and USA units
Power range per phase at 50/60 Hz  0.1kVA...10MVA per phase
Frequency range 10Hz ...1000Hz
Input /Output voltage range and form 1V ...110kV, independent of the form (sine wave, rectangular,...), included max 5 voltage harmonics
Primary/Secondary Max. 8 windings, which can be declared as primary or secondary, connected in parallel or in series
Output current Max. 100kA, included max 5 current harmonics

Vertical and horizontal cooling channel

To each winding can be assigned 7 combinations of  cooling channel and insulation, in front/back or/and in the window of the core: WIW, WCW, WICW, WCIW, WCICW, WICIW,  WICICIW, where:
I => Insulation
C => Cooling channel
W => Windung
using horizontal cooling channel or insulation between sectors, discs or turns

Wire Cu and Al , round wires, flat wires and foil, litz, with 3 insulation grades.
The wires, which do not exist in the wire data base can be created by user
Steels Cold rolled, grain oriented, Ni-Fe,Co-Fe, amorphous and ferrites
Windings technology Concentric, disc and "screw" within max 8 sectors per winding; round, oval or rectangular form
Cabinet Closed, open on the top and bottom, ventilated (open and closed)

Core assembly

Alternately stacked EI,UI,..., welded, ready cores, modulus cores and alternately stacked strips. The cross section of the limb and of the yoke can be used rectangular, "round" and oval (max. 8 steps)
The cores, which do not exist in the core data base can be created by user or optimized by program for min. price at precribed Ucc and losses.
Ventilation Max. 5 m/sec, inside and outside of the cooling channels
Impregnation Dry, one component varnish and 2 components varnish, under vacuum.
Duty cycle operation mode With 2 times and 2 loads, per each winding

Magnetic fields

Numerical calculation of the magnetic
 fields allows precise calculation of :
- eddy current losses
 - steel losses
 - short circuit voltage and
 - transposition.
Criterion of the design: Winding losses 1% to 10%
Temperature rise in nominal, short-circuit or duty cycle operation: 10K ...250K
Criterion of the optimization Price or weight at prescribed Ucc and losses
Induction Optimized in accordance with the temperature rise, no-load operation, the inrush current, efficiency, weight and price
Ambient temperature -100C ... 120C
Cooling air or oil
Core families data pool EI, EE,..., UI, LL,..., 3PhEI, C-cores,...
The cores, which do not exist in the core data base can be created by user.
Design mode In this mode the program designs in accordance with the input data.
Test and simulating mode In this mode the user can change manually the turns, wire sizes, loads, input voltage, frequency, duty cycle, steel,... and recalculate the transformer.