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Properties of the Small Transformers Program

Languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Units Metric and USA units
Power range per phase at 50/60 Hz 10kVA per phase
Frequency range 10Hz ...500kHz
Input /Output voltage range and form 1V ...10kV, independent of the form (sine wave, rectangular,...)
Primary Max. 8 taps for the inputs and the outputs in autotransformer operation mode.
Secondary Max. 8 secondary, connected to the load direct or via the rectifiers with R, RL or RC load, together with autotransformer operation available
Wire Cu- round and flat wires, with 3 insulation grades
Steels Cold rolled, grain oriented, Ne-Fe alloys, ferrite, amorphous and powder
Bobbins Single section, double section and single section without flange, open and closed
The cores and bobbins, which do not exist in the core data pools, can be created by user.
Case Potted and not potted
Core assembly Alternately stacked EI,UI,..., C-cores, welded, ready cores, modulus cores and alternately stacked strips
Winding assembly Primary inside or outside, alternately windings 50%/100%/500%, 33%/66%/66%/33% and 25%/50%/50%/50%/25%
Cooling channel One cooling channel, only in the front and in the back of the winding, between the primary and the secondary
Ventilation Max. 5m/sec
Impregnation Dry, one component varnish and 2 components varnish, under vacuum.
Chassis Wood, printed board, metal
Duty cycle operation mode Min. time 5 seconds, with 2 times and 2 loads
Criterion of the design: Regulation of the output voltage: 1% to 150%
Temperature rise in nominal, short-circuit or duty cycle operation: 10K ...250K
Induction Optimized in accordance with the temperature rise, no-load operation and the inrush current
Ambient temperature -100C ... 120C
Core families data pool EI, EE,..., UI, LL,..., 3PhEI, C-cores, EC, ETD, RM, PM, P, EFD, EPC, RS, DS, PQ,...
The cores and bobbins, which do not exist in the core data pools can be created by user.
Design mode In this mode the program designs in accordance with the input data.
Test and simulating mode In this mode the user can change manually the turns, wire sizes, loads, input voltage, frequency, duty cycle, steel,... and recalculate the transformer.
Typical applications DC/DC converters :
The program supports flyback, forward (simultaneous too) and all transformers, driven by the "impressed" input voltage or  "impressed" input current (bridge, push-pull, resonant,... converters)

Battery chargers, Adapters:
The program supports the operation of the one and three phase transformers with the rectifiers on the R, RL or RC load

Inherently short-circuit proof, not-inherently short-circuit proof and not short-circuit proof transformers

Medical transformers
Control transformers
Universal transformers or universal autotransformers
Motor starting transformers or autotransformers
Voltage transformers
Current transformers
Toy transformers
Bell transformers
Audio transformers
K-factor transformers