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Three-Phase LC-Resonance Filter Choke, connected in series with capacitor


         Set  inductance at peak current (View the peak value on the current diagram). The resonance frequency is 189Hz for Ul/Uc=7%

         Select the AC inductance : L-Type = 1

         Select Cu round wire: Wire = 0

         The frequency of the first harmonic is 50Hz

         Set the rms values of harmonics of the thermal current. These harmonics have to be prescribed by your customer!

         Set the temperature rise

         Select grain oriented steel. Note that the induction will be optimized by program in order to get optimal relationship between core losses and winding losses

         Set Gap = 1 and Core Assembly = 2 or better

         Select  suitable 3 phase core family. If there are 3. and 9. harmonics (circuit c) then you need to use 3 one phase cores.




         Control the value of induction, gap and connected wires in parallel


         Round the number of turns


         In order to calibrate the choke, connect it on the calculated calibration 3 phase AC-voltages (rms value) with the calibration frequency (normally 50Hz or 60Hz) and then vary the gap until you get the calculated calibration 3 phase AC-current (rms value).