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Recalculate the Short.Circuit of a Transformer
the Shorth-Circuit Parameters of a Autotransformer

If the core power of your autotransformer is smaller than 10kVA per leg at 50/60Hz then you can use the Small Transformers Program to design your autotransformer full automatically.
If the core power of your autotransformer is bigger than 10kVA per leg at 50/60Hz then you have to use the Large Transformers Program, Due to the fact that the Large Transformers Program does not support tne design of  autotransformers, you have to design your autotransformer as a transformer and to recalculate same transformer paranetesr into the autotransformer parameters. For this purpose you can use the following picture with the formulas.

Dessign procedure:

  1. You have to know U1, U2 and I2 of yout autotransformer.

  2. In the transformer design use U1 as the primary voltage, U2 as the secondary voltage and I2 as the secondary current.

  3. On the page 4 in the output of the transformer design you can find:
    -Uccx    => the reactive short-circuit voltage in %
    -Uccr    => the active short-circuit voltage in %
    -Ucc     => the short-circuit voltage in %
    -Iox      => the reactive no-load currentin %
    -Ior      => the active no-load current in %
    -Io        => the no-loas current in %

  4. The number of the turns are on the page 3 of the transformer output

  5. Use them to calculate the short.circuit current Icc.at and voltage Ucc.at