RALE files for download

Number Description Date or Version File name Size
Number Description Date or Version File name Size
1 Installation Program V16:
Unzip this file and
run CD_Install.exe
11.5.20 with Tkx 16.77 Tgx 16.914 Trx 16.65 Dkx 16.71 CDInstall16.zip 228 MB
2 Service Pack for RALE Design
System 16 INSTALL it into
the existing subdirectory of the version 16
25.7.20 with Tkx 16.80 Tgx 16.914 Trx 16.65 Dkx 16.80 RDS16_SP.zip 14.3 MB
3 C++ 2008 Compiler Runtime
er for 32bit and 64bit
16 MB - 32-bit
2.2 MB - 64-bit
4 Font IBMPCDOS   IBMPCDOS.zip 13.6 KB
5 Codemeter Runtime for Windows
XP,Vista,7,8,10 version 5.22a
  CM 47.1 MB

CodeMeter Update Files

Note: Click on the linked heading text to expand or collapse accordion panels.

Click HERE to update the CodeMeter on your PC or your server.

Note 1:

Do not use the browser Microsoft Edge. Use the Internet Explorer with enabled ActiveX support.

If you use FireFox then you have to enable JavaScript

Note 2:

If you get any problems then you have to use the offline updating procedure.

A. Exit this web site and the Internet.

B. Using CodeMeter Control Centre create the Rac file

  1. Open the +CM icon on the task bar
  2. Open Licence actualization
  3. Create the file 2-XXXXXXX.WibuCMRac
  4. Note the path of this file.

C. Please, send me that Rac-file per email to rale@rale.ch

D. I'll create the update file and sen it to you per emeil