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  Transformer Design Software
10mVA to 10MVA
and Inductor Design Software


Using the RALE distribution and power transformer design software and/or inductor design software can improve both your quality of life and your company profit because the RALE distribution and power transformer and inductor design software is world's best design software for power transformers and inductors.

Also, we will provide you with the updates and absolutely the best cost-free technical support and consulting - it does not matter where in the world you are located.

RALE distribution and power transformer design software "speaks" 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and  Italian ), supports metric and USA units and it is so powerful and  universal that there is no standard which can not be supported. (IEC,EN,UL,VDE,SEV,CSA,...)
In order to demonstrate power of the RALE distribution and power transformer and inductor design software RALE has selected some representative design examples of distribution and power transformer applications in a wide range of frequencies and power: 10Hz...500kHz, 0.1VA...10MVA

In order to run the RALE distribution and power transformer and inductor design software on your computer or in your network you do not need to buy it. You can rent it on a low level investment

Worldwide we are the family of more than 200 successful users

Why use the Rale Distribution and Power Transformer and Inductor Design Software?

There is only one reason to use any software package, including the Rale distribution and power transformer and inductor design software, and that is to have another tool in your company to help you increase profits. So the question really is, "How will the Rale power transformer and inductor design software help you make money?".

1. Material Savings:

Because of the software design and the ease of making multiple iterations of the same design, it is easy to optimize the transformer design to use a minimum of expensive materials. You can customize the design to meet you own inventory needs using wire sizes and steel grades that cost less for you to purchase and are best for easy production.

2. Time Savings:

Engineering time required to complete a design is reduced to mere minutes. This is especially valuable when you need to get quick and accurate quotations to your potential customers.

3. Error Free:

Because all calculations are done within the program, human errors are eliminated which in turn eliminate costs associated with these. This aspect is also very important to the productive capacity of your design engineers as design stress is alleviated.

4. Prototypes Eliminated:

The Rale software gives you the opportunity to simulate the designed transformer under varying conditions and observe how the transformer will react under those conditions. You will obtain information exactly as if you had built a prototype and made actual measurements in your own laboratory. Therefore, until you have a design iteration that meets all of your requirements you do not need to build any test transformers. Eliminating expensive prototypes will have a real positive effect on your final profits.

5. Documentation:

The Rale software immediately generates three important pages when your design is completed. The first page gives you detailed input data with a schematic. The second page provides details on the Mechanical Part including the bobbin, core and windings. The third page provides details on the electrical, magnetic, and thermal data (nominal, no-load, short circuit, and duty cycle operations). Some of this documentation can be used immediately to accompany customer quotations thereby eliminating the need to create time consuming and difficult documentation just for a quote. The Rale software also gives you the option to create your own pages in your own format for production requirements